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LG partners with Hotpoint in a bid to empower 1000 entrepreneurs in the next 5 years

LG Electronics has kicked off a campaign to empower 1,000 entrepreneurs who are interested in the fast-growing on-demand laundry market in over next five years. This follows a new partnership between the consumer appliances manufacturer and home appliances distributors Hotpoint.

The partnership seeks to create jobs for more Kenyans while offering laundry solutions to an increasingly affluent middle-income market with limited time to do laundry but with a desire to have their laundry done professionally and at an affordable rate.

The commercial dryer, for instance, uses high-temperature air to sanitize clothes of germs and bacteria. The LG Styler units steam coats, suits and scarves that cannot be cleaned directly using water.

LG’s laundromat technology also comes with a digital app that allows customers to remotely monitor progress with their laundry. The shop operators can also manage their business off-site in real-time and promptly track and resolve technical issues.

Through Hotpoint, monthly workshops will be carried out to train and advise the entrepreneurs on the best locations to set up the laundromats and how to leverage the high-level LG washing machines to attain maximum value. Additionally, the entrepreneurs will be trained on using the right detergents courtesy of Soilex Prosolve which offers cleaning solutions.

With less than 20 per cent of Kenyan homes owning a washing machine or dryer, commercial laundromats, popularly known as dry cleaners, laundromats are set to offer investors and clients a smarter, safer way of doing laundry while serving both single individuals and working couples with families.

Research from Hotpoint shows that it takes approximately Ksh 1.5 million more

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